Sunday, August 23, 2015

goodbye summer

Sure, the weather is still hot and we're still fitting in water time whenever we can get it, but Andre has his (last ever) first day of school tomorrow, so I guess this is the end of summer. And boy, will we miss those great sunny days and lots of family time spent together.

We squeezed out our last official week with park dates and outside play. Let's be honest, the best time of year is when school is back in session but the weather is still great for being outside, so it's toddler city at the playground and splashpad without bullying bigger kids. 

This is Rhett doing his exercises at the park, completely on his own. It must have worked, because later a little girl declared he was her boyfriend. Work it, Rhett.

Plus, we finally got around to lots of things we've been talking about doing all summer, like playing curb-ball (our neighbors probably think we are crazy) and eating at Spices (I'm still dreaming of that breakfast burrito). 

Our week was full of hippie outdoor picnic concerts, BBQs, temple dates, people watching, long walks, even more picnics, meeting new friends, and lots of good deals. It was pretty great, folks. Long live summer! But I really can't wait until fall comes in full force--the crisp morning air the past few days has been teasing me!

p.s. You can now excuse Andre from this blog for the next four months. If you need him, check the law library. He'll resurface for a few weeks around December. 

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