Friday, August 7, 2015

friday favorites

We've had a good week around here with lots of things to celebrate. To keep the happy going, here are some things we've been loving lately:
  • Freakanomics podcast. Andre has been loving this all summer, but he finally got me to listen to it on our mountain drive last week and I am hooked. It's witty and fun and informative. In exchange, I got him hooked on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. We're a little behind the times people, but at least we're catching up.
  • Trader Joe's potstickers. We could eat them all day. And the edamame, always the edamame.
  • Our super slow campus Internet finally got replaced with fast (read: normal speed) Internet and we are rejoicing. Stream everything! At once! Facetime from the kitchen!
  • Apple music. We are seriously loving the free 3-month trial. There's no way we'll actually pay for it, but we'll embrace it while we can. 
  • I scored my new favorite shirt from Schoola for 97 cents. It is and my new favorite site for cheap (used) clothes. Also, this is my link and you should click it so I get credit to feed my online shopping urges.
  • This. Because the terrible twos are real. Solidarity, sisters. 
  • If this video doesn't move you, you may not have a soul. And it turns out listening to motivational montages in the background makes you more productive at work--who knew?

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