Thursday, July 30, 2015

Rhett is two!

We officially have a two year old over here, which also means Andre and I have survived being parents for two years (what?). Clearly we love birthdays and we love Rhett, so we went all out* with a weekend of celebrations that I may have completely over-scheduled.

* all out=using lots of birthday coupons + free activities + summer reading program prizes, because Rhett is two and we are poor.

We went swimming on Friday and Rhett mastered the toddler water slide and then ate his first ice cream cone like a kitten and then had his favorite little friends (and one special girlfriend) over for a picnic and we didn't take a single picture. But then, this happened...
Pigging out at Noodles & Co., as you do on birthdays

Our house looks like a Thomas & Friends factory these days, but Rhett is in heaven with alllll the trains 
That face! That bike! That helmet! (The thing he is really excited about is the race car helmet, but that's a story for another day)
First bike ride
This is the only picture of the three of us from the whole weekend and we posed in front of our desk? Oh well, just look at that electric blue cake!
At two years old, Rhett is as bubbly and opinionated as he should be. He loves talking, reading, and playing with trains and cars. He soaks up everything and amazes us every day with the things he learns and remembers. We love our big boy!

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  1. Happy Birthday Rhett! So fun he got his Strider bike!


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