Thursday, July 30, 2015

Rhett is two!

We officially have a two year old over here, which also means Andre and I have survived being parents for two years (what?). Clearly we love birthdays and we love Rhett, so we went all out* with a weekend of celebrations that I may have completely over-scheduled.

* all out=using lots of birthday coupons + free activities + summer reading program prizes, because Rhett is two and we are poor.

We went swimming on Friday and Rhett mastered the toddler water slide and then ate his first ice cream cone like a kitten and then had his favorite little friends (and one special girlfriend) over for a picnic and we didn't take a single picture. But then, this happened...
Pigging out at Noodles & Co., as you do on birthdays

Our house looks like a Thomas & Friends factory these days, but Rhett is in heaven with alllll the trains 
That face! That bike! That helmet! (The thing he is really excited about is the race car helmet, but that's a story for another day)
First bike ride
This is the only picture of the three of us from the whole weekend and we posed in front of our desk? Oh well, just look at that electric blue cake!
At two years old, Rhett is as bubbly and opinionated as he should be. He loves talking, reading, and playing with trains and cars. He soaks up everything and amazes us every day with the things he learns and remembers. We love our big boy!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

little letters

Dear Ben Gibbard,
You are the best. Seriously. We've been big Death Cab for Cutie fans since high school, but seeing you live at Red Rocks was a highlight of our summer. And yes, I would follow you into the dark.

Dear 5K,
I see you, sneakily penciled in on the calendar. And one of these days I'll switch my normal gym workout to the treadmill, I promise.

Dear baby boy,
You turn 2 this week, so I guess you're not really a baby anymore! How did this happen? How am I old enough to have a 2 year old? This is madness, pure and simple.

Dear cows,
Our free Chic-fil-a prep was a little rushed this year, but I can a family of darn cute cows show up at your restaurant and we savored every bite of our free food.

Dear window air conditioner,
You are without a doubt the best thing I've ever purchased. I don't know what we would do without you this summer.

Dear women of Boulder,
Put a shirt on. Please. Everyone will thank you.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Adventures in Utah

After the family reunion, we realized we were already a few hours down the road and jumped at the chance to visit our old stomping grounds in Utah. We basically spent the entire time there eating our way through Utah County, seeing lots of friends and family, and taking basically no pictures. So you know it was a good time.

On our drive home, Andre and I talked about how rejuvenated we felt after the trip. There's just something about spending tons of time with people who get you and who have known you since long before you were a spouse or a parent or anything. To our friends, we love you--you make us better people and we'll see you soon! (Even though we didn't take pictures with you, you'll live on in our hearts)
We got to go to the gorgeous new Payson Temple where we snapped a quick selfie before the craziest rainstorm moved in.
Rhett became obsessed with Y Mountain and ran around town saying "Bayoo Y Mountain" over and over
Soda box hats, because why not?
Rhett was a total trooper with all the people and all the restaurants, and sometimes he was the entertainment like when he modeled glasses or when he spent 15 minutes drinking grapes.

Chandlers take Breck

When we told Rhett we were going to the mountains to see cousins, he got super excited and said "Cousins mountains" over and over for the entire drive (He's a little obsessed with cousins these days). Lucky for him (and all of us), the Chandler family reunion didn't disappoint!

We had the best time exploring Frisco and Breckenridge with Andre's aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings over the 4th of July. Andre and I loved the mountain air and cute main street, Rhett loved all the toys and kids, and we all loved spending lots of time talking and playing games with the family.

I didn't take a ton of pictures, but here are some favorites:
Exploring the beautiful marina in Frisco

Rhett was super excited about his Curious George shirt and kept saying "George USA" all day long
Ready for the parade! 
...which Rhett slept through (don't worry, we still scored him some candy)
A ride up the Breckenridge gondola. Rhett was OBSESSED and still keeps asking to ride the gondola. 
Rhett and some of his new cousin friends. They all love each other. And I love that after the big kids squatted for the picture, Rhett had to squat too.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

little moments: june

If we're being honest, June was dominated by the Whole30 and eating eggs and allll the veggies. But we made it! So now we can look back with fondness on our adventures and a great trip to Washington. Some highlights:

We finally found a delicious Whole 30 meal and I probably ate it 3 times a chicken spinach salad with balsamic dressing...the best
Rhett has turned into a cowboy as of late and loves riding his horse. He even insists on giving Petey food and water throughout the day
Sleepy diaper bum
A trip to Fort Collins to see the temple construction
 Story time with Poppy
A budding artist
One of the best fireworks show I've ever seen after the Mariners game
This picture just makes me laugh--Andre and I trying to figure out the games at the Microsoft visitors center. Clearly we're a great advertisement for the company
The first otterpop of summer!
Biking along the Sammamish River on a beautiful summer day seriously was perfection
Rhett has also become obsessed with swimming and asks for water day every day. He gets down on his belly and blows bubbles and kicks and says he is "swimming" in the tub and pool
The family that hikes together...
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