Sunday, June 28, 2015

summer in sammamish

There's just something about summertime in the Pacific Northwest--the green trees, the long days, and the beautiful blue sky and water. We had a great week spending time with my family and continuing Andre's indoctrination into all things Washington. Here are some of my favorite moments:
 We drove down to Vancouver for a Treasure family picnic and got to see my grandparents and lots of cousins. Rhett loved it.

 We had to show Andre a real Washington beach, so we headed to Shoreline for a picnic at low tide. The kids loved the tide pools, Andre and I pretended to plunder the leftover ship wreckage, and Rhett and Peter splashed and got super muddy. Win win win.

 How did I live so close for so long and never visit the Microsoft visitor's center? We had the best time trying all the new technology and looking like total gamers (ha!). Rhett waved his hand around for a few days after the fact like he was playing a Kinnect. He's a sponge, I tell you!
 Father's Day in matching daddy-son socks, because when Target tells you you need something, you can't say no.
 Star Wars night at the Mariners game! They pulled out all the stops costumed characters, an amazing fireworks show after the game, and a Mariners win. This is a rare occurrence, people!
 We met up with my dear friend Whitney and got to meet sweet Kate. She and Rhett basically had a playground date when he took her for a spin on the firetruck and they shared a PB&J.
 Rhett LOVED being with his cousins. He would wake up every morning and nap and say "Cousins?" and has been talking about them every day since we got home. If only we lived closer!

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