Monday, June 1, 2015

little moments: may

 Little boy in a big dino footprint (Rhett looks 6 years old in this picture)
Lego version of CU campus...we loved the mini buffalos
His morning book reading position of choice
Evening stretches after a busy day...being a toddler is rough
 Watch out, Arrow. André's coming for you.
An afternoon at the archery range where we compared ourselves to every fictional archer (Arrow, Katniss, Hawkeye, etc.)
Picking library books is hard work
A typical scene of free toy finding...sanitizing in the tub
 Apparently being a young, female Republican in Boulder is a rare thing (who knew?), so the RNC keeps hitting me up. A little confidence booster, no lie
Rhett spent an entire music class giving hugs to all his lady friends
Bolder Boulder finishers!
Just shooting baskets on a full-size hoop and saying "miss" every time. I think he thinks he's missing by inches, not feet. 
Pearl Street train selfie. One of our favorite new summer activities!
Iris fields for daysss
A visit to the goat farm, where the goats couldn't keeps their mouths/hooves off André
When Rhett sees a kickball game, he has to drop everything to watch. This is serious business, folks. 

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  1. "Miss!" "Miss!" haha Cute little Rhett. Boulder life looks great!


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