Tuesday, May 26, 2015

the sun came out!

After weeks of torrential rainfall and storms, we finally got a glimpse of the sun this weekend. We were nearly blinded. What is this madness? But it was definitely the cherry on top of a great weekend.

We started things off with a little garage sale-ing and deal finding. Turns out people leave great things when the move out of student housing, so we scored a Britax stroller and some legos for Rhett from the dumpster. (They were next to the dumpster, so we didn't actually have to dumpster dive. We're classier than that).

We cruised the Boulder Creek Festival and reveled in the weirdness of our town. Calypso band and free-spirit audience dancers, dream interpretation tents, hippie clothing sales, super expensive exercise gear "sales", GMO protesters, gluten-free everything, and gorgeous mountain views: it was all of Boulder in one place.

Monday was our favorite Bolder Boulder, when we realized living where you can jog 10 minutes to the start is so much better than getting up early and fighting traffic. Score. André rocked it in 49 minutes with only two weeks of training, and Rhett and I rocked the freebies and people watching. Win win win.
The rest of the day was a relaxing mix of family and food. Welcome, summer!

Brothers before the race
Watching the runners finish after André was done. Clearly Rhett was a little distracted.

Friday, May 22, 2015

friday favorites

You're kidding me with this 17-year-old kid, right?
a few of our favorite things:
  • Podcasts! André's new commute is kind of killer, so we're getting podcasts for his bus ride and my gym time. We love Serial and Undisclosed (we're total Adnan conspiracy theorists and hate how much we're obsessed with this case), plus Invisabilia. Next on our list are Things You Missed in History Class and This American Life
  • Rhett's new vocabulary. Every fall gets a "Boom!" and every time the front door opens gets a "big hug! I love you". It's the cutest.
  • White Collar. It's our new go-to Netflix show and we love it, but now I'm worried everyone is out to con me.
  • Summer break! Sure, it's been cold and rainy for the past three weeks, but André doesn't have to study all the time and it's fabulous!
  • Thursday night apartment Zumba. It's comedy gold. I know I look ridiculous, but a room full of groove-less girls just keeps me laughing from the back row. Plus I'm burning more calories from the laughter!
  • Our new bread maker. We scored it at a garage sale and now we can't stop making bread. Carbs everywhere! Good thing we're starting a Whole 30 next week.

Monday, May 11, 2015

they say it's your birthday

poor André had to share his birthday with Mother's Day, so there was lots of celebrating going on over here. 
Our weekend was full of:
rainy nights, 
White Collar marathons, 
piano recitals, 
crazy driving conditions, 
birthday freebies (would you expect anything less?), 
too much good food, 
beautiful Mother's Day cupcakes, 
and the Avengers (where our movie blacked out for a few minutes so we scored free movie passes). Not too shabby. 
What wasn't part of our weekend? Studying. Let's hear it for law school summer break. 
And let's hear it for André, the studliest 26-year-old there is!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

little moments: april

Our April was full of spring flowers, traveling, studying, work, family time, and festivities. all good things! some highlight:
Rhett is a car fanatic--this is when he loaded the back of the big car with smaller cars
Our Easter egg dying was less than stellar, but Rhett sure had fun
After nap time snuggles
Rhett watches General Conference in style!

Stopping to smell allll of the flowers
These tulips. I'm obsessed
A block building champ!
ABC week at tot school...Rhett was a fan
 This is what happens when Rhett puts on his own hat, but he was so proud of himself
Andre's adventures in South Dakota gave him a great dinner view
Lumberjack baby with his dog
This tree outside our apartment was the best part of early spring.
 André killing it at the UN--he had fans from all over the world
Adventures at the train museum
Rhett and Dad jam session

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