Saturday, April 4, 2015

little moments: march

Speed racer at the library
Rhett got a hold of my glasses. This picture is my phone background and makes me laugh every time
Best buddies
I have a really good feeling about this street...Pawnee forever!
André channeling the 70s for an after-church photo shoot to show his hair off to some friend
Rhett showing his pinecones to Nana 
Coolest kid on the block
Bowling...gotta start them young!
 Carousel action shot...Rhett was less than thrilled
The carousel peacock was definitely a fav
Rhett and Avery, comparing their bellies like all toddlers do
Rhett got super into frisbee golf. He played right along side up and made sure to dunk it in every basket
Eating our way through Boulder with delicious Italian food at Il Pastiao...we were full for days!
Shamrock Shake season is the best time of the year
The perks of working from home...snuggling up with a blanket on the couch on cloudy days
Rhett proved he is a true Kaiser by picking stuff up with his toes
Nuggets selfie!
This kid is a blocks building champ--I found him like this one day, just making towers on our bed
Our darling missionaries put together the cutest Plan of Salvation diagram I've ever seen
Easter eggs hunt champion

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  1. Pawnee street. Best street name ever. I wish I lived there.


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