Wednesday, March 11, 2015

triumphs and tragedies

  • our oven clock stopped working a few days ago (no big deal), but our call to maintenance scored us a brand new oven! when you live in small, old student housing, little upgrade victories are a big deal.
  • Rhett has officially gone almost six days without a pacifier! we realize going cold turkey is pretty mean, but the kid was a serious binky addict.
  • the sun is shining and the snow is melting! after two+ weeks of being buried in feet of snow, it feels wonderful! plus, spring break is around the corner so we can really get out and celebrate.
  • our tax return is on its way! but after many attempts to convince andré to spend it on something exciting, we're being super responsible and using it for rent.
What I came home to tonight--definitely a triumph!

  • turns out being an adult means you have to pay someone to do your taxes (and pay a buttload of taxes when you are "self-employed" aka a freelancer and also work for a company based in another state). the joys of growing up.
  • law school, man. just the usual studying, plus internship applications. Our exciting evenings are now filled with studying for andré and working for me. 

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  1. Some thoughts...We got a new oven in our place soon after moving in too! The best! Recently we got a new washing machine because the other one broke, it may have been because of the cloth diapers. Oops! But I really like the new one.
    Yea for binki busting! Way to go Rhett! And Mom and Dad too!
    We used our tax return to pay off our car, not so fun, but I guess being a grown up means being responsible sometimes. :)
    And my rain boot, from the dumpster! :)
    Love ya!


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