Sunday, March 1, 2015

little moments: february

Starting the month off with 70 degree days...wonderful
Saturday church ball. Rhett is obsessed.
Starting him young and teaching him the fine art of a head massage.
Rhett's new favorite activity? Lining up his cars and moving them one by one. He's super methodical about it.
 Two crazy boys
Chef in training...making a soup with peaches, fish, and bread
Total exuberance and loving the warm winter days
A frequent scene on our phones this month
Reading, all day every day
Family fort building to combat cabin fever during our snowbound weekend
Extreme limbo at music class...Rhett wasn't so sure about having a huge belly, but it was fun to watch him waddle around!
Snow day selfie...we tried to play outside, but it was short lived due to the wind and frigid temps. 
His and hers Burger Works as we start our hunt for the Best Burger in Boulder
A beautiful, peaceful morning at the temple is just what the doctor ordered.

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