Saturday, March 28, 2015

spring break staycation

Law school, work, life, etc. kept us from going anywhere this spring break, but that didn't mean we didn't have adventures. [And it sounds better if you call it a staycation, right?] Between work sessions in the library, we managed to squeeze out some fun activities. And bonus, we did a few things that colorado-boy André had never done before...a rare feat!
We enjoyed our sunny days with trips to the playground
One day our adventures took us to mountain town Nederland to ride the Carousel of Happiness. It was very charming, but Rhett was less than impressed. And that lake was frozen! Like in a  magical European tundra! I definitely made us pull over for a [very windy] photoshoot.
Baby cousins [once removed] in a row. It was so cute seeing Avery and Rhett interact now that they're a little older
Rhett scaled that dino tale all by himself, much to the amazement on the lookers on.
Also, he is learning to smile for pictures again and how cute is that face?
Nuggets date night where we learned that sitting front row of your section is definitely the way to go. and the Nuggets won! this is a rare occurrence, people!

We also powered through and checked a few more places off our Boulder restaurant list [all delicious] and went to the Celestial Seasonings tour for the free samples and watched our fair share of March Madness and André made me start Prison Break on Netflix and after two episodes I'm not sure if I'm intrigued or grossed out or what...oh well. Happy spring break!

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