Sunday, March 22, 2015

boulder status

They say Boulder is "25 square miles surrounded by reality", and we're learning that is definitely the case. Things are a little different here with an overabundance of flowy skirts and an under-abundance of bras, but we love living in such a unique place. Sure, we stick out sometimes, but we're learning to slowly blend in with the locals. Here are a few times we've confirmed our status as true Boulder-ites:
  • Walking to Trader Joe's with our reusable insulated bags to pick up some organic edamame 
  • Having long conversations with other moms about reusable food packs and how good they are for the environment.
  • Lugging a full recycling bin to the special recycling dumpsters and then watching the recycling trucks come by at least four times a week (no exaggeration) to empty the dumpsters.
  • Walking on the Boulder Creek Trail in exercise gear (sure, it's no run, but it's the next best thing).
  • André regularly biking to school amongst the throngs of biking commuters. 
  • Working out at a locally owned gym that is unique and quirky as the city itself.
  • Cruising the organic and bulk sections of the grocery stores and having fellow shoppers ask for product recommendations...people, I just go for what is cheap!
But then, you know, there's lots of times when we definitely don't fit when we went frisbee golfing for fun and were the only ones without a full set of professional frisbee golf discs. Oh well, we're enjoying our time in this strange but beautiful little bubble!
But those mountains, right? We live just to the bottom right of this picture and are wowed by the views every day.

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