Saturday, March 28, 2015

spring break staycation

Law school, work, life, etc. kept us from going anywhere this spring break, but that didn't mean we didn't have adventures. [And it sounds better if you call it a staycation, right?] Between work sessions in the library, we managed to squeeze out some fun activities. And bonus, we did a few things that colorado-boy André had never done before...a rare feat!
We enjoyed our sunny days with trips to the playground
One day our adventures took us to mountain town Nederland to ride the Carousel of Happiness. It was very charming, but Rhett was less than impressed. And that lake was frozen! Like in a  magical European tundra! I definitely made us pull over for a [very windy] photoshoot.
Baby cousins [once removed] in a row. It was so cute seeing Avery and Rhett interact now that they're a little older
Rhett scaled that dino tale all by himself, much to the amazement on the lookers on.
Also, he is learning to smile for pictures again and how cute is that face?
Nuggets date night where we learned that sitting front row of your section is definitely the way to go. and the Nuggets won! this is a rare occurrence, people!

We also powered through and checked a few more places off our Boulder restaurant list [all delicious] and went to the Celestial Seasonings tour for the free samples and watched our fair share of March Madness and André made me start Prison Break on Netflix and after two episodes I'm not sure if I'm intrigued or grossed out or what...oh well. Happy spring break!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

boulder status

They say Boulder is "25 square miles surrounded by reality", and we're learning that is definitely the case. Things are a little different here with an overabundance of flowy skirts and an under-abundance of bras, but we love living in such a unique place. Sure, we stick out sometimes, but we're learning to slowly blend in with the locals. Here are a few times we've confirmed our status as true Boulder-ites:
  • Walking to Trader Joe's with our reusable insulated bags to pick up some organic edamame 
  • Having long conversations with other moms about reusable food packs and how good they are for the environment.
  • Lugging a full recycling bin to the special recycling dumpsters and then watching the recycling trucks come by at least four times a week (no exaggeration) to empty the dumpsters.
  • Walking on the Boulder Creek Trail in exercise gear (sure, it's no run, but it's the next best thing).
  • André regularly biking to school amongst the throngs of biking commuters. 
  • Working out at a locally owned gym that is unique and quirky as the city itself.
  • Cruising the organic and bulk sections of the grocery stores and having fellow shoppers ask for product recommendations...people, I just go for what is cheap!
But then, you know, there's lots of times when we definitely don't fit when we went frisbee golfing for fun and were the only ones without a full set of professional frisbee golf discs. Oh well, we're enjoying our time in this strange but beautiful little bubble!
But those mountains, right? We live just to the bottom right of this picture and are wowed by the views every day.

Monday, March 16, 2015

5 things from the weekend

It's spring! (almost) Rejoice!
Things have been a little crazy around here lately, demonstrated by the fact that we designated part of Friday night "work time" to finish school and work projects (nerd status right here, folks). Plus Andre spent most of Saturday in the library. But! we managed to squeeze in some fun things, like rekindling our seasonal love of Shamrock Shakes, practicing our tower building skills, realizing running isn't so bad with a sweet Boulder view, and getting back in our bowling groove. Even Rhett joined in on the fun!
Now we're back at it and counting down the days to spring break!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

triumphs and tragedies

  • our oven clock stopped working a few days ago (no big deal), but our call to maintenance scored us a brand new oven! when you live in small, old student housing, little upgrade victories are a big deal.
  • Rhett has officially gone almost six days without a pacifier! we realize going cold turkey is pretty mean, but the kid was a serious binky addict.
  • the sun is shining and the snow is melting! after two+ weeks of being buried in feet of snow, it feels wonderful! plus, spring break is around the corner so we can really get out and celebrate.
  • our tax return is on its way! but after many attempts to convince andré to spend it on something exciting, we're being super responsible and using it for rent.
What I came home to tonight--definitely a triumph!

  • turns out being an adult means you have to pay someone to do your taxes (and pay a buttload of taxes when you are "self-employed" aka a freelancer and also work for a company based in another state). the joys of growing up.
  • law school, man. just the usual studying, plus internship applications. Our exciting evenings are now filled with studying for andré and working for me. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

little moments: february

Starting the month off with 70 degree days...wonderful
Saturday church ball. Rhett is obsessed.
Starting him young and teaching him the fine art of a head massage.
Rhett's new favorite activity? Lining up his cars and moving them one by one. He's super methodical about it.
 Two crazy boys
Chef in training...making a soup with peaches, fish, and bread
Total exuberance and loving the warm winter days
A frequent scene on our phones this month
Reading, all day every day
Family fort building to combat cabin fever during our snowbound weekend
Extreme limbo at music class...Rhett wasn't so sure about having a huge belly, but it was fun to watch him waddle around!
Snow day selfie...we tried to play outside, but it was short lived due to the wind and frigid temps. 
His and hers Burger Works as we start our hunt for the Best Burger in Boulder
A beautiful, peaceful morning at the temple is just what the doctor ordered.

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