Sunday, February 8, 2015

you've had a birthday

actually me--I've had a birthday. And a great one at that! Mother Nature was definitely on my side and brought a weekend of 70 degree weather (in Colorado! in February!) Definitely a treat.

We celebrated all weekend with family time, birthday freebies, outdoor celebrations in perfect weather, pizza and movie night, delicious cake(s), and a wonderful date night.

Squirmy toddler with a ball and no pants--typical. This was as good as it got for a picture of Rhett's birthday artwork.
75 degrees in short sleeves in February--is this real life?
We didn't get a picture of Andre and I on the birthday date, but I did snap this pic of our appetizer. I ate shrimp, people! 

I'm seriously having a hard time coming to terms with 26 (why does that sound so old? what have i done with my life??)

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