Monday, February 16, 2015

valentine's day happenings

When Valentine's Day falls on a warm, sunny Saturday and your husband takes (most of) the day off from studying, you have to take advantage. Our simple Valentines weekend turned out to be pretty great.
I got sucked into buying those little balloons in the store checkout line, but Rhett is clearly obsessed.
After a long walk and outdoor exploration, sometimes you've just got to pull your chair onto the porch and chug water while watching the cars drive by like an old man.
My two Valentines. 
 Gorgeous Valentines Day flowers, picked by André with an assist from Rhett (he saw them in the store, pointed and said "Mama"
Valentines Day breakfast for dinner feast complete with pink waffles. New family tradition?
Ending the day on a good note with chocolate fondue for two after the baby was in bed. To say we ended the day in a food coma is no exaggeration. 

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