Sunday, February 1, 2015

let's go fly a plane

André's uncle's wife's dad (got that?) lives in our new ward and just so happens to be a retired pilot with a plane in his garage and a runway in his front yard. So when he invited us to go flying, we couldn't say no. It was a little overcast, but the views were still fantastic. Rhett was mesmerized and super zoned out, and André was the co-pilot who got to fly the plane on his own for a while and land it. We made it back in one piece and now we're scheming how we can become pilots and own our own plane. Definitely an adventure to remember!

Selfies on the runway!

Ready for take-off. Rhett wasn't having any of the ear protection. 

André the co-pilot 
Beautiful Colorado. We flew over Boulder and could pick out our apartment from the air
Landing on the runway like a boss. 

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