Tuesday, February 3, 2015

january goal check

My goal for January was to focus on home. Honestly, most of the stuff I did I would have probably done anyway without the goal, but it was good motivation and felt good to be working on something bigger than just the day-to-day tasks.

Sub-goals included cleansing and simplifying (we got rid of soo much stuff and it felt soo good), decorating our new apartment (I cheated and just finished the curtains today, but close enough), and focusing on getting a good schedule and spirit in our home. It felt nice to focus on getting into the groove of the little things, like kneeling family prayer, family home evening, and spending time together at night. It has made a huge difference in our attitudes and the demeanor of our home and family.

And even though our apartment is laughably small and has lots of issues, we kind of love it. I'm just happy to have a place that feels like home for my two best guys.
Living area with the wall I carefully planned out and made André spend forever hanging things
Never in my life would I imagine a kitchen so small (I've had closets that are bigger), but it will make for good stories someday
Rhett's happy little room. I love the bright colors and he loves that he can pull things out of the drawers from his crib instead of napping.

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