Friday, February 27, 2015

friday favorites

just some things we've been loving lately...
  • Serial podcast. Sure, we're a few months behind the times, but that let me binge it in just a few days (all well multi-tasking, don't judge!). I convinced André to try it and now he walks slowly to campus to give himself more time to listen.
  • Bones. We have a love-hate relationship with this show, but ever since season 9 hit Netflix, it's been a serious love. Our days have been crazy lately, so most nights end with a show on the iPad, me falling asleep on the couch, and André waking me up to tell me who the murderer was. It's a good life
  • Grilled cheese. Our newest quest is to conquer the land of grilled cheese. We've even been tossing around the (far fetched) idea of a grilled cheese restaurant. Next on our list to try: bacon-apple grilled cheese and a chocolate-brie grilled cheese. 
  • Facing forward. We flipped around Rhett's car seat last weekend so now he's facing forward. After a few days of being terrified, he's totally obsessed with it now. He loves looking out the windows and pointing out letters on the signs, and I love looking at his cute face in the rear view mirror.
  • Making summer plans. All this snow has given us a serious case of cabin fever, and we can't wait to go on some adventures. This year will be full of Colorado adventures (Kit Carson Carousel, Maroon Bells, Red Rocks, we're coming for you!) We can't wait to get started! 
    because every post needs a picture...a very cute snow baby!

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