Friday, February 27, 2015

friday favorites

just some things we've been loving lately...
  • Serial podcast. Sure, we're a few months behind the times, but that let me binge it in just a few days (all well multi-tasking, don't judge!). I convinced André to try it and now he walks slowly to campus to give himself more time to listen.
  • Bones. We have a love-hate relationship with this show, but ever since season 9 hit Netflix, it's been a serious love. Our days have been crazy lately, so most nights end with a show on the iPad, me falling asleep on the couch, and André waking me up to tell me who the murderer was. It's a good life
  • Grilled cheese. Our newest quest is to conquer the land of grilled cheese. We've even been tossing around the (far fetched) idea of a grilled cheese restaurant. Next on our list to try: bacon-apple grilled cheese and a chocolate-brie grilled cheese. 
  • Facing forward. We flipped around Rhett's car seat last weekend so now he's facing forward. After a few days of being terrified, he's totally obsessed with it now. He loves looking out the windows and pointing out letters on the signs, and I love looking at his cute face in the rear view mirror.
  • Making summer plans. All this snow has given us a serious case of cabin fever, and we can't wait to go on some adventures. This year will be full of Colorado adventures (Kit Carson Carousel, Maroon Bells, Red Rocks, we're coming for you!) We can't wait to get started! 
    because every post needs a picture...a very cute snow baby!

Monday, February 16, 2015

valentine's day happenings

When Valentine's Day falls on a warm, sunny Saturday and your husband takes (most of) the day off from studying, you have to take advantage. Our simple Valentines weekend turned out to be pretty great.
I got sucked into buying those little balloons in the store checkout line, but Rhett is clearly obsessed.
After a long walk and outdoor exploration, sometimes you've just got to pull your chair onto the porch and chug water while watching the cars drive by like an old man.
My two Valentines. 
 Gorgeous Valentines Day flowers, picked by André with an assist from Rhett (he saw them in the store, pointed and said "Mama"
Valentines Day breakfast for dinner feast complete with pink waffles. New family tradition?
Ending the day on a good note with chocolate fondue for two after the baby was in bed. To say we ended the day in a food coma is no exaggeration. 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

you've had a birthday

actually me--I've had a birthday. And a great one at that! Mother Nature was definitely on my side and brought a weekend of 70 degree weather (in Colorado! in February!) Definitely a treat.

We celebrated all weekend with family time, birthday freebies, outdoor celebrations in perfect weather, pizza and movie night, delicious cake(s), and a wonderful date night.

Squirmy toddler with a ball and no pants--typical. This was as good as it got for a picture of Rhett's birthday artwork.
75 degrees in short sleeves in February--is this real life?
We didn't get a picture of Andre and I on the birthday date, but I did snap this pic of our appetizer. I ate shrimp, people! 

I'm seriously having a hard time coming to terms with 26 (why does that sound so old? what have i done with my life??)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

january goal check

My goal for January was to focus on home. Honestly, most of the stuff I did I would have probably done anyway without the goal, but it was good motivation and felt good to be working on something bigger than just the day-to-day tasks.

Sub-goals included cleansing and simplifying (we got rid of soo much stuff and it felt soo good), decorating our new apartment (I cheated and just finished the curtains today, but close enough), and focusing on getting a good schedule and spirit in our home. It felt nice to focus on getting into the groove of the little things, like kneeling family prayer, family home evening, and spending time together at night. It has made a huge difference in our attitudes and the demeanor of our home and family.

And even though our apartment is laughably small and has lots of issues, we kind of love it. I'm just happy to have a place that feels like home for my two best guys.
Living area with the wall I carefully planned out and made André spend forever hanging things
Never in my life would I imagine a kitchen so small (I've had closets that are bigger), but it will make for good stories someday
Rhett's happy little room. I love the bright colors and he loves that he can pull things out of the drawers from his crib instead of napping.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

little moments: january

 Rhett modeling the latest in baby snowwear trends when we took him mini-golfing right after a snowstorm. The kid's a trooper
Minion baby goes to the park
The weather this month has been slightly spastic, but we can't complain about 60 degree days to explore our new neighborhood!
Rhett's book obsession has hit a new level. Now after naps he doesn't want to get out of bed, he just wants books brought to him
 Yogurt clearly tastes better when it's smeared all over our face
A happy boy covered in stickers
Rhett found my camera and left me with an entire photo essay about the life of a one-year-old
I don't know why it took us this long to get to a CU basketball game, but now we're hooked

that moment you move to Boulder and your baby becomes a hipster lumberjack
sometimes you have to nestle in all the pillows and read without your pants
just the coolest baby at the park
flying adventures

let's go fly a plane

André's uncle's wife's dad (got that?) lives in our new ward and just so happens to be a retired pilot with a plane in his garage and a runway in his front yard. So when he invited us to go flying, we couldn't say no. It was a little overcast, but the views were still fantastic. Rhett was mesmerized and super zoned out, and André was the co-pilot who got to fly the plane on his own for a while and land it. We made it back in one piece and now we're scheming how we can become pilots and own our own plane. Definitely an adventure to remember!

Selfies on the runway!

Ready for take-off. Rhett wasn't having any of the ear protection. 

André the co-pilot 
Beautiful Colorado. We flew over Boulder and could pick out our apartment from the air
Landing on the runway like a boss. 

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