Sunday, January 18, 2015

triumphs and tragedies


  • Rhett is the nursery champ! He plays with the toys and folds his arms and eat allll the snacks. Today he was so worn out he fell asleep on the way home for church and slept for three hours.
  • Our quirky little apartment is becoming a home. André spent yesterday putting up with my projects and hanging things on allll the walls.
  • Craigslist, people! We have had the best success including getting a free couch, free bed frame, cheap bookcase and tv stand and selling old stuff to make money on our new apartment furniture. Sure, we've met crazies and been some weird places, but it's all in the name of a good deal!
  • A good but calm week getting back to school and work to help us get into our new boulder groove
  • 60 degree weather means we get to spend the long weekend exploring our new neighborhood, including starting our search for the best burger in boulder!
  • broken heaters had us living in a sauna with fans and open windows in 30 degree weather for a few days. don't worry, heat is fixed
  • cupcake fail: i got assigned a red velvet cupcake recipe to make for my baking magazine client. The cupcakes turned out great, the frosting was pretty terrible. Now we have a dozen cupcakes that need the frosting scraped off.
Rhett's new obsession: sunglasses. No one's sunglasses are safe!
Straight to the tub after a messy yogurt feast!

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