Saturday, January 3, 2015

goals goals goals

I'm fascinated by goal-setting and self-improvement, so I love reading other people's goals around the new year. The past few years I've created massive lists of things I wanted to accomplish throughout the year, but they've become less effective each year so I'm switching it up. This year I'm taking a page out of "The Happiness Project" and focusing on one area each month with specific goals under that topic. I have a general outline of each month, but I'm also leaving it flexible because things can get crazy. So this year I'm focusing on:
home, motherhood, marriage, spirituality, relationships, body, past/future, service, mind, money, gratitude, and creativity.

I figured "home" was a natural way to start because this month will be dominated by moving so I might as well make the most of it. My focus for this month is to simplify and organize everything (seriously--EVERYthing), establish a schedule, create a loving home environment, and get back into a groove of being our own little family. I'm super pumped and may have cheated and donated four bags of junk to the thrift store this week. Cleansing!

Our family goal for the year is one word to focus on--Happy. Individually and together we want to focus on being patient, charitable, and fun, but it really all comes down to being happy.
this is my new desktop background/daily reminder. thanks pinterest!

bring it on, 2015. We've got some killer goals for you!

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  1. michelle, this is such a great idea! the happiness project is such a good book. i'm excited to follow your monthly themes!! also, moving? where? when?


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