Tuesday, January 27, 2015

book chat 2.0

it's been too long months since the last book chat post, where I got fabulous reading recommendations. Unfortunately, moving and earnings seasons at work has taken away a lot of my chance to read in the evenings, but I'm hoping I'll have more time now that things are slowing down. Here are few of my recent favorites:
I've heard from a lot of people that they are nervous to read Elizabeth Smart: My Story. Read it! It is seriously so inspirational, even though her story is so disturbing and tragic. To answer the questions you all have: yes, she goes into detail so you know the horrible things she went through, but nothing is graphic. She works her testimony of the Savior and her love of her family into everything and is a fabulous read. Seriously, go read it.

Some people love Heaven is for Real. I'm on the fence. Yes, it's an easy read and there are some great points in there, but it definitely isn't gospel and it definitely isn't my favorite.

My mom's book club inspired me to read The Happiness Project and it was fantastic. I don't agree with everything she says, nor do I think her lifestyle (Manhattan, rich, has a nanny) relates to many people's, but it definitely is thought provoking (I would love to have a long conversation about your thoughts on this book and the companion, Happier at Home, because I seriously have pages of notes). But I'm using a lot of Gretchen's techniques in my own goal setting this year. Overall, definitely worth a read.

I'm in the middle of Nothing to Envy for sister book club, and it is great so far. Life in North Korea is so fascinating, and this book takes you into the everyday life of average North Koreans through a journalist's point of view. Unless something crazy horrific happens at the end of the book, this is definitely on my list of books to recommend.

I tried to read Wild and Gone Girl, I really did. But the language people, the language! How do you pick a current book that isn't full of horrible language? (This is a serious question, not just a soap box). Also, these are all non-fiction. Any good fictions reads?

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