Sunday, December 7, 2014

rhett's surgery

(this post is for posterity, not to garner sympathy. and who knows, maybe someone googling "one-year-old dermoid cyst surgery" will find this helpful).

Our one-year-old is a plastic surgery champ! Rhett was born with a dermoid cyst in his right eyebrow. It grew but wasn't painful or really dangerous to him, but there was a risk it could get inflamed if he hit his head (which is basically inevitable for a toddler boy). Plus, strangers everywhere liked to comment on how he must have bumped his head, poor baby.
See? a cyst on his eyebrow
After months of meeting with doctors and specialists and our favorite Dr. John (it sure comes in handy to have a brother-in-law who is a pediatric ophthalmologist and first pointed our Rhett's cyst), Rhett finally had surgery on Tuesday. It was a pretty simple out-patient procedure and only took about two hours in the OR, but Rhett still had to get full anesthesia. He did great and the nurses said he was her favorite patient. The doctor showed me pictures of the cyst afterwards, and it was way bigger than anyone thought it would be, about 1x2 centimeters.
Pre-surgery with his stuffed animal friends. Rhett was a model patient!
A five-hour nap after we came home and he was good to go. His eye--not so much. The day after surgery his eye was swollen almost all the way closed, so he was a little wobbly in his walking. We went to story time and ran some errands and got lots of stares, but no one asked what happened. People of Colorado: my baby had surgery. I'm not a bad mom who pushed him down the stairs.
Evening of surgery day. Isn't this just the saddest face you've ever seen?

The morning after, when all he had to look through in his right was a little slit or nothing at all.

Now, five days later, the swelling has gone down a lot, but the bruising has picked up and the stitches are still there. I would post a picture, every picture I've taken in the last few days ends up as the back of Rhett's head. But trust me when I say that the doctor has everything is progressing nicely and he should be back to his adorable self in no time!

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