Monday, December 1, 2014

little moments: november

apparently in november we didn't take many pictures, and what we did take was all of rhett. go figure.
 our future limo driver at the airport...deadpanning with the sign
rhett's first adventure wearing a suit to church ended without pants thanks to a bad diaper, but that didn't deter me from taking the pictures I had planned
his new favorite game is to get his blanket from his crib and take "naps" around the house
rhett figured out the beauty of plastic straws, which means everyone around him gets pretty wet.
typical park day--a piece of nature in each hand
just figuring out where he can fit...on this day it was in the book basket
bringing stickers to church means everyone is quiet, but it also means andré ends up with stickers all over his pants
rhett plopped himself on the law school staircase and wouldn't leave until we took his picture...will he be following in his dad's footsteps someday?

1 comment:

  1. These are 100% our life.
    Dragging blankets and taking "naps" around the house is a big thing for Greta.
    Also, church stickers! With stickers on everyone's pants and skirts.
    And how can you go anywhere without picking up rocks and sticks!


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