Wednesday, December 17, 2014

let the celebrations begin

life. woof. between finals for andré, crazy work assignments and hours for me, and a cranky baby who either wants to be held or run wild, things have been a little busy lately. But the good news is that Rhett is super cute, André finished his finals, and a holiday break is in sight from my workload. Our real celebrations are coming up soon, but here's how we've been pre-gaming to squeeze in some holiday cheer.
A trip to see live reindeer. Rhett was pretty sure they were bears or doggies, but he was mesmerized. 
Cruising the neighborhood looking at the lights. This house was obviously the winner (and owner of the largest electric bill on the block)
Rhett meets Santa. It didn't go so well.
I was in charge of the activities for the ward Christmas party. Oh boy. One of my favorite rooms was full of nativity displays from around the world--it turned out better than I imagined.
For the boy who loves balls, snowballs were the next natural step. André taught Rhett about snowballs and his life was forever changed.

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