Sunday, December 28, 2014

a very Kaiser Christmas

We had a house full of Kaisers for Christmas, which meant lots of Christmas fun. Rhett is at a super fun age for Christmas, even if we was terrified of the rocking horse we got him. Our Christmas break was full of games, relaxing, family time, movies, and fun outings--everything Christmas break should be. Some highlights:
Looking festive on Christmas Sunday. Please notice Andre's red shoes that he scored for $4. One of his deacons called him "a large elf".
Missionaries and a future missionary. Rhett loves the elders and climbed himself up on the couch to sit between them.

Just a jazzy festive baby on Christmas Eve

It doesn't take much to make Rhett happy--all he needed was new pajamas and a Christmas book about a dog

Christmas morning stockings! Clearly Rhett was distracted. (Please note that everyone got Broncos pajamas, but I got Seahawks...gotta rep the hometown).
But he quickly got the hang of things and chowed on his stocking puffs (alll of them) while we opened our presents
Cutest baby in Christmas pajamas I've ever seen...when did this kid get so big?

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