Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 in review

what a year! here's a recap of some of our favorite moments.

We started the year with a bang in Washington and a polar bear plunge into freezing cold Pine Lake (we're still recovering). Back in Colorado, we were back in the swing of things but still squeezed in fun with some local adventures. Rhett started eating solids and he hasn't stopped since.
I hit a quarter-life crisis when I turned 25, but we celebrated with a week of birthday freebies to lessen the blow. Sleep training was rough, but we consoled ourselves by becoming obsessed with the Olympics and making heart-shaped pizzas.
I became a master cupcake decorator (and haven't used my skills since) and we celebrated the onset of spring by spending as much time outside as possible. And we realized the wonder that is spring break with a fabulous trip back to see our favorite people and eat our favorite foods (Ritas! Cafe Rio! Swig!) in Utah. We hit our peak when we got on the jumbotron at a Nuggets game for our 10 seconds of fame.

André was swamped with school and scholarship and job applications, Rhett started "teething" (or so we thought), and I started new work projects. And Rhett was super confused by the concept of Easter. A highlight? Getting hamburgers and a soda for 25 cents. Because that's just what kind of month it was.
André joined the 25 club, which meant another week of birthday freebies and a trip to see the Lego Movie because apparently we're 14-year-old boys at heart. We celebrated the end of 1L life and my first Mother's Day, went to American Ninja Warrior in the middle of the night, and got all the freebies at the Bolder Boulder (where, oh yeah, André ran a 10k).

André started his internship at the state Medicaid office and got really good at putting together business casual outfits. We ate our weight in cheesesteaks. We took a fabulous daytrip to Garden of the Gods, where we got in touch with our inner Olympians and realized cheap salad buffets are a lot better in your head than they are in real life. Rhett and I spent a fabulous week in Washington and he learned what green nature and water are.
Summer hit with BBQs, park days, baby dates, swim lessons, and lots of games of Kubb in the backyard. We got really good at curb-ball, but we may have scared a few neighbors in the process. We watched an amazing fireworks show on the field of Mile High Stadium and later "accidentally" scored 6 free meals to the new Cafe Rio. Rhett turned one (!!!), went to his first Rockies game, and ate that cake like it was his job.
André and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary with a stay-cation complete with a temple trip, copious amounts of gravy fries (thanks Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives), and a trip to the amusement park to ride all of the rides. Rhett got his first tooth and André and I went on a fabulous paddle-boating date. We fell in love with Michigan and learned that sunburns are no laughing matter (I still have intense tan lines).

September was back to the grind with school starting again. I started a new job and spent a few days in DC eating my way through the city, getting nostalgic, and visiting family (oh, and training for work, too). We enjoyed the gorgeous fall weather with as many hikes and outside exploring as we could. Rhett entered a clown contest, because why not?
In the Month of the Park, Rhett and I checked out nearly every park within a 10-mile radius of our house. We loved it. School was crazy for André and work was crazy for me, but we slipped in a few trips to the pumpkin patch. Rhett was the cutest monkey (he even makes "ahahah" monkey sounds, but got a little shy doing it around strangers) and totally got the hang of trick or treating, while André and I won "best couples costume" and deservedly so (I sewed a dress, people!)
André got in touch with his Indian heritage with a weekend on the Res for school. Frigid weather kept us inside and we got an early onset case of cabin fever. Chelsea came home from her mission and Rhett scored a roommate. Toby and Sharon came to town for Thanksgiving and we painted the town red (at a relaxed, leisurely pace).
This month started with Rhett's surgery and recovery, André studying all day and all night for finals and crazy amounts of work and other activities for me. It ended with great Christmas celebrations, lots of time to spend just the three of us and with the entire family (a highlight was a trip to ZooLights where Rhett thought the gingerbread men were monkeys--we didn't correct him because it was too cute), and chances to reflect on how blessed we are. The best news came when my dad got a clean bill of health about a difficult year of cancer treatments. We are relieved/blessed/grateful/all of the emotions.

keep on digging, folks. Past years in review: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010

Sunday, December 28, 2014

a very Kaiser Christmas

We had a house full of Kaisers for Christmas, which meant lots of Christmas fun. Rhett is at a super fun age for Christmas, even if we was terrified of the rocking horse we got him. Our Christmas break was full of games, relaxing, family time, movies, and fun outings--everything Christmas break should be. Some highlights:
Looking festive on Christmas Sunday. Please notice Andre's red shoes that he scored for $4. One of his deacons called him "a large elf".
Missionaries and a future missionary. Rhett loves the elders and climbed himself up on the couch to sit between them.

Just a jazzy festive baby on Christmas Eve

It doesn't take much to make Rhett happy--all he needed was new pajamas and a Christmas book about a dog

Christmas morning stockings! Clearly Rhett was distracted. (Please note that everyone got Broncos pajamas, but I got Seahawks...gotta rep the hometown).
But he quickly got the hang of things and chowed on his stocking puffs (alll of them) while we opened our presents
Cutest baby in Christmas pajamas I've ever seen...when did this kid get so big?

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

let the celebrations begin

life. woof. between finals for andré, crazy work assignments and hours for me, and a cranky baby who either wants to be held or run wild, things have been a little busy lately. But the good news is that Rhett is super cute, André finished his finals, and a holiday break is in sight from my workload. Our real celebrations are coming up soon, but here's how we've been pre-gaming to squeeze in some holiday cheer.
A trip to see live reindeer. Rhett was pretty sure they were bears or doggies, but he was mesmerized. 
Cruising the neighborhood looking at the lights. This house was obviously the winner (and owner of the largest electric bill on the block)
Rhett meets Santa. It didn't go so well.
I was in charge of the activities for the ward Christmas party. Oh boy. One of my favorite rooms was full of nativity displays from around the world--it turned out better than I imagined.
For the boy who loves balls, snowballs were the next natural step. André taught Rhett about snowballs and his life was forever changed.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

rhett's surgery

(this post is for posterity, not to garner sympathy. and who knows, maybe someone googling "one-year-old dermoid cyst surgery" will find this helpful).

Our one-year-old is a plastic surgery champ! Rhett was born with a dermoid cyst in his right eyebrow. It grew but wasn't painful or really dangerous to him, but there was a risk it could get inflamed if he hit his head (which is basically inevitable for a toddler boy). Plus, strangers everywhere liked to comment on how he must have bumped his head, poor baby.
See? a cyst on his eyebrow
After months of meeting with doctors and specialists and our favorite Dr. John (it sure comes in handy to have a brother-in-law who is a pediatric ophthalmologist and first pointed our Rhett's cyst), Rhett finally had surgery on Tuesday. It was a pretty simple out-patient procedure and only took about two hours in the OR, but Rhett still had to get full anesthesia. He did great and the nurses said he was her favorite patient. The doctor showed me pictures of the cyst afterwards, and it was way bigger than anyone thought it would be, about 1x2 centimeters.
Pre-surgery with his stuffed animal friends. Rhett was a model patient!
A five-hour nap after we came home and he was good to go. His eye--not so much. The day after surgery his eye was swollen almost all the way closed, so he was a little wobbly in his walking. We went to story time and ran some errands and got lots of stares, but no one asked what happened. People of Colorado: my baby had surgery. I'm not a bad mom who pushed him down the stairs.
Evening of surgery day. Isn't this just the saddest face you've ever seen?

The morning after, when all he had to look through in his right was a little slit or nothing at all.

Now, five days later, the swelling has gone down a lot, but the bruising has picked up and the stitches are still there. I would post a picture, every picture I've taken in the last few days ends up as the back of Rhett's head. But trust me when I say that the doctor has everything is progressing nicely and he should be back to his adorable self in no time!

Monday, December 1, 2014

little moments: november

apparently in november we didn't take many pictures, and what we did take was all of rhett. go figure.
 our future limo driver at the airport...deadpanning with the sign
rhett's first adventure wearing a suit to church ended without pants thanks to a bad diaper, but that didn't deter me from taking the pictures I had planned
his new favorite game is to get his blanket from his crib and take "naps" around the house
rhett figured out the beauty of plastic straws, which means everyone around him gets pretty wet.
typical park day--a piece of nature in each hand
just figuring out where he can fit...on this day it was in the book basket
bringing stickers to church means everyone is quiet, but it also means andré ends up with stickers all over his pants
rhett plopped himself on the law school staircase and wouldn't leave until we took his picture...will he be following in his dad's footsteps someday?
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