Wednesday, November 12, 2014

triumphs and tragedies

I've almost survived my first earnings season at the my new job! It's great, I love it, etc., but I'm learning that my editing skillz start going downhill around 9pm (which is really unfortunate when you work from 4-10)

andré rocked the Res last weekend with a trip to an Indian Reservation in southern Colorado. 15 hours in the car in 2 days, but he got to see the law and the tribe in action. And eat "the best grilled cheese sandwich of my life" (direct quote)

Rhett wore a suit to church on Sunday and it was even cuter than we could imagine.

Chelsea came home from her mission and we ran in the snow through the airport to make it (somewhat) in time. Rhett was super cute with his sign, but he's still warming up to his aunt.

Rhett's diaper leaked through the super cute suit pants, so he spent the last 10 minutes of church is a shirt, suit coat, socks, and shoes with no pants. Life is rough when you're 1.

Temperatures dropped from 60 degrees Monday morning to 15 degrees within just a few hours. The high today is 5 degrees, but my phone says it feels like -13. Welcome, winter. Woof.

I made André get "The Fault in Our Stars" from redbox the other night. Turns out I didn't give him a good summary about the plot (cancer kids in love), so we finished the movie in a depressed state and had to cheer ourselves up with YouTube videos. (not the worst tragedy in the world, but still)

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  1. ahhhh rhett and his sign!! so cute. also, bummer about the FOR REAL winter over there. i feel pretty lucky about our drop to the 40s this week now.


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