Sunday, November 30, 2014

the one with all the turkey

This year we finagled my parents into coming down and spending Thanksgiving with us (pesky impeding law school finals make it nearly impossible for us to travel). It was a short trip, but we loved having Nana and Poppy in Colorado!
 Hosting Thanksgiving wasn't nearly as stressful as advertised. It was actually lots of fun to put the meal together, and everything turned out great! (Except for almost forgetting to make the mashed potatoes until everything else was on the table.)
 We took a trip to Rhett's favorite place, the children's museum, where he modeled the latest in toddler fashion--dinosaur tails.
 Poppy took Rhett high in the air on a pulley chair, but Nana was there to hold his hand.
 The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so we took a walk on a nearby trail with gorgeous views.
 Rhett was instantly won over by Nana and Poppy reading to him and playing catch with him--now they're best friends.
And of course we had to show my parents the wonder that is Casa Bonita, which was conveniently decorated with Christmas decorations (cheesy, of course). 

Thanks for a great weekend, Toby and Sharon!

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