Sunday, November 30, 2014

the one with all the turkey

This year we finagled my parents into coming down and spending Thanksgiving with us (pesky impeding law school finals make it nearly impossible for us to travel). It was a short trip, but we loved having Nana and Poppy in Colorado!
 Hosting Thanksgiving wasn't nearly as stressful as advertised. It was actually lots of fun to put the meal together, and everything turned out great! (Except for almost forgetting to make the mashed potatoes until everything else was on the table.)
 We took a trip to Rhett's favorite place, the children's museum, where he modeled the latest in toddler fashion--dinosaur tails.
 Poppy took Rhett high in the air on a pulley chair, but Nana was there to hold his hand.
 The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so we took a walk on a nearby trail with gorgeous views.
 Rhett was instantly won over by Nana and Poppy reading to him and playing catch with him--now they're best friends.
And of course we had to show my parents the wonder that is Casa Bonita, which was conveniently decorated with Christmas decorations (cheesy, of course). 

Thanks for a great weekend, Toby and Sharon!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

triumphs and tragedies

I've almost survived my first earnings season at the my new job! It's great, I love it, etc., but I'm learning that my editing skillz start going downhill around 9pm (which is really unfortunate when you work from 4-10)

andré rocked the Res last weekend with a trip to an Indian Reservation in southern Colorado. 15 hours in the car in 2 days, but he got to see the law and the tribe in action. And eat "the best grilled cheese sandwich of my life" (direct quote)

Rhett wore a suit to church on Sunday and it was even cuter than we could imagine.

Chelsea came home from her mission and we ran in the snow through the airport to make it (somewhat) in time. Rhett was super cute with his sign, but he's still warming up to his aunt.

Rhett's diaper leaked through the super cute suit pants, so he spent the last 10 minutes of church is a shirt, suit coat, socks, and shoes with no pants. Life is rough when you're 1.

Temperatures dropped from 60 degrees Monday morning to 15 degrees within just a few hours. The high today is 5 degrees, but my phone says it feels like -13. Welcome, winter. Woof.

I made André get "The Fault in Our Stars" from redbox the other night. Turns out I didn't give him a good summary about the plot (cancer kids in love), so we finished the movie in a depressed state and had to cheer ourselves up with YouTube videos. (not the worst tragedy in the world, but still)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

this is halloween

Here are lots of Halloween pictures for your viewing pleasure:

André and I had to redeem ourselves after our poor showing at last year's couple Halloween party. So naturally we went with Wesley and Buttercup from the Princess Bride. Our costumes didn't turn out as good as they were in my head, but they were definitely better than this picture shows. André even grew a mustache for the occasion! We even won Best Couple Costume! Take that, 2013.
Rhett was obsessed with his monkey costume. He would wrestle and smother it with hugs when he wasn't wearing it. André dressed up as the Man in the Yellow Hat for the trunk or treat and they stole the show.

On actual Halloween Rhett and I went trick or treating on Pearl Street and took advantage of all the Halloween freebies. For never having candy in his life, Rhett is now very aware of the candy bowl and where it is stored. Oh boy.
Master trick-or-treater in action

All in all, a successful Halloween!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

little moments: october

also known as "Rhett's Adventures in October", because he is the star of the show.
Rhett Kaiser, budding piano prodigy
Learning how to style his hair with his lunch--this day was spaghetti sauce mousse. 
Beautiful fall days...the weather this month was unbelievable!
Rhett loves General Conference (more like this was the only moment he actually stood still)
 Crazy mirror selfies at the Children's Museum
When did my baby turn 15 years old?
We found a new favorite pizza place and thanks to a coupon and a baking mistake, we ended up with three personal pizza for the price of one. That's our kind of date!
Rhett's newest trick is raising his arms above his head for "ta-da!" It's the cutest.
 Rhett on a hayride...he held that piece of hay the entire time
Rhett and Benson, best buddies. 
Baby in a wagon
Somedays you've just got to take your pants off and read outside.
 Crazy eyes! Rhett thought he was hilarious.
The goat that tried to use us as a distraction so he could escape. Better luck next time, goat!
Seriously, this kid is a daredevil at the playground. Nothing gets in his way.
Pumpkin patch baby, because when it's October there's nothing better to do than to visit all the area pumpkin patches
Seriously, when did he get old enough to sit at the train table? Clearly I'm in denial.
Pinterest in real life! This is a major success, people!
The Man in the Yellow Hat + Monkey + Mom go trunk-or-treating
Monkey baby loves cheap Halloween Chipotle. 
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