Monday, October 13, 2014

things we learned this weekend

  • there is no such thing as pumpkin overload. we made pumpkin chocolate chip bread and pumpkin better than cake and have been in a delightful pumpkin coma all weekend. no regrets. 
  • college football is a thrill-ride (just kidding, we already knew this)
  • apparently people actually go to the movie theater early saturday morning. we went to see Meet the Mormons at 9:45 and there was a showing of almost every other movie. let's just say we were in a strange saturday morning movie-going crowd. 
  • making friends with store employees=more samples. We checked out the new Oil and Vinegar store and chatted up a worker to get the inside scoop, the best flavors, and the freshest sample bread. win win win. 
  • wet playgrounds mean wet babies. and wet babies can smell like wet dog. We literally got to the park just as a freak rainstorm dumped for 10 minutes. I still let Rhett play when it was done, but it turns out babies can get soggy and stinky really quickly. lesson learned.
  • sewing flowy fabric is harder in real life than it is in your head. but look at this dress that I whipped up while Rhett was napping! Aren't I so domestic?
    (jokes. in real life Rhett wasn't actually sleeping, just crying in his crib. this Pinterest project claimed to take 15 minutes but took more than an hour and I skipped some steps and the sash became a necessity to cover the flaws. and I'm still on the fence about the fabric--it's one of those things that can just as easily be cute or ugly, but I got it for like 8000% off, so it would be a shame not to wear it.)

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