Monday, October 27, 2014


eating/drinking: water and a homemade granola bar. you know, the usual.

listening to: playlists of my college years. In an attempt to clean out my iTunes, I'm giving some songs a final listen to determine if they stick around or not. I'm more of an internet music listener these days, so my iTunes is like a time capsule from my senior year of high school to my sophomore year of college when I had a few questionable music interests. 

working on: freelance articles for a parenting website. things like how to stop a kid's ears from popping on a plane and how to get ready for baby swim class. riveting topics. 

 The holidays! We are so excited to my parents to come for Thanksgiving and for Rhett to get a little more out of Christmas this year. Plus paper snowflakes! Christmas goodies! Wrapping presents! Turkey bowls! So much excitement!

baking: Pumpkin everything! Seriously, though: I made this pumpkin pie dip for a Halloween party and found an excuse to make this pumpkin bread for some ladies in the ward. 

reading: I'm finally getting around to my 2014 goal to read "Jesus the Christ". André is reading when he gets a spare moment so we discuss it together. I feel like it's a rite of Mormonism to read this book, but it is definitely spiritual/intellectually stimulating/inspiring/slightly overwhelming all at once.

loving: Flea Market Flip is new to Netflix and it's been my go-to background binge. And now I have the serious urge to go to a flea market/ have my own HGTV show.

buying: Christmas presents. It's a disease. I have to calm myself down so I don't buy them all tomorrow. 

wanting: to take family pictures before the beautiful fall leaves are gone, the royals to win the world series, a tropical vacation, and a gold herringbone iphone case. Is that too much to ask?

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