Tuesday, September 30, 2014

little moments: september

wow, september. Seriously? Looking at these pictures I can't believe this all happened within one month. We're adjusting to new schedules and responsibilities and trying to squeeze in some fun as well. Now bring it on October!

 Labor Day hiking. We realized Rhett is too fat for the Baby Bjorn
Rhett showing off his teeth...oh how the time flies, he's now up to 6 teeth
"I live to frolf"
Time Out for Women was just fabulous...and this was the only picture I got?
 I happened across Rhett one day just sitting in his room quietly looking at his church book. Just about the cutest thing you've ever seen
Fruit bouquet--thanks mom and dad!
Instead of dancing with the scarves at the baby concert, Rhett took it upon himself to collect them all and hand them out. That boy just makes me laugh
We found a hidden gem of a restaurant at the regional airport overlooking the mountains. A perfect dinner watching the sunset and the planes. 
 Rhett goes to the petting zoo...it was love
Colorado is beautiful!
An empty Presidents Exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery...one of my favorite places in DC
Guys, room service is bomb. 
 Rhett can do somersaults by himself now and he thinks he's the coolest thing ever
A budding artist (Rhett, not André)
Ranger Rhett
Rhett tried his luck at the Broomfield clown contest and was as cute as can be, but lost to a girl whose mom started her face paint at 6am. Sorry Rhett, I refuse to compete with that.
André went biking down Vail Pass and said it was the most beautiful trail ever.
Streaker in training
This is what happens when André is in charge of dinner--bacon and egg burgers!
Just the cutest kid I've ever seen.

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  1. what a fun month also omg how does he already have six teeth?!


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