Monday, August 18, 2014

oh michigan

Guys, Michigan. Who knew? It really is as great as those commercials say. Spending a week with the family gallivanting through Northern Michigan was perfection. Some highlights:
The beach, the water, and the softest sand. We loved exploring Lake Michigan, although we never dared get fully in the water (frigid temperatures, you know). Lighthouses, beaches, and scenic drives, we soaked it all in.
 Sand dunes. We spent multiple days at Sleeping Bear Dunes (voted most beautiful place in america, 2011) and loved every minute. Rhett became a sand expert and André's inner child came out as he climbed and jumped off dunes with the littles. pure bliss.
 Resort Exploration. Ok, so mountains in Michigan aren't quite what they are in Colorado, but we still loved exploring our little ski village town. My parents braved all the kids so the sisters + husbands could go on a moonlit chairlift date, plus we got to race down the alpine slide and play intense disc golf during our stay. win win win.
 Dune climb. This trek deserves its own mention. The sign warns that the super steep slide into Lake Michigan will take 2 hours to climb, but Andre and John did it 15 minutes. Beast mode. And gorgeous views that I enjoyed safely from the top.

not pictured but equally amazing:
The WORLD'S LARGEST CHRISTMAS STORE!!! It was awesome and overwhelming all at once. If we hadn't been constrained by budgets and baggage limits we would have burned some serious cash.
River tubing. 2 peaceful hours tubing a gorgeous river with a sleeping baby in my arms? Perfect. True, Andre did all the work and paddled us along and I have some strange tans lines from where Rhett was sleeping but it was all good.
Family time. I just love the Treasures and had the best time playing with the nieces and nephews, chatting late into the night with the adults, and hanging out all together. It was extra cute to see all the cousins fawn over and take such good care of Rhett.

Til next time, Team Treasure!


  1. darling family. also, who knew that michigan was so lovely? now i want to go!

  2. Yes, it was perfect! Miss you three already!


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