Sunday, August 31, 2014

little moments: august

goodbye summer! you've been good to us, and August may have been our favorite month yet.
We celebrated our anniversary with a Denver overnight and all the things we can't do with a baby in tow. We ate at a Diners, Drive ins and Dives and had gravy fries--a heart attack waiting to happen.
Anniversary trip to Elitches, right after sitting in the front of the best roller coaster!
Rhett crashed my backyard lounging selfie. That cheeseball loves a camera!
Rhett got a new lounge chair and broke it in with stories from Gramps
 Rhett finished swim lessons. Watch out, Olympics 2032!
A baby and his best buddy, Griz the bear.
We found a lake in Colorado! It was gorgeous and super early in the morning
Basketball baby after a rousing game of curb ball
Paddle boat dates
Crazy baby had to be quarentined at church. Don't worry, he found ways to entertain himself
Airbort baby. He was mesmerized by the planes and luggage carts.
Baby in a top hat. Watch out, Broadway. 
We found Hogwarts! Exploring the beautiful UMich campus
Cousins on a boat, just wrecking havok on an ancient canoe display at the museum
Dipping their toes in Lake Michigan
If you asked Amy what her favorite thing was from a fun-filled day, she would tell you it was taking pictures on the dunes with Rhett. Best buddies.

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  1. swim lessons for babies? he's basically michael phelps 2.0


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