Wednesday, August 27, 2014

all the good things.

André finished his internship and came away with grown knowledge of the law and downtown protest schedules, so win win. No rest for the weary, started school this week. 2L, what now? He's definitely learning the truth to the idea that in the second year they work you to death. Oh boy.

I got a new job that I'm super pumped about. I'll be editing my way right into your bank accounts, folks! (The job is editing stock reports and analysis for an investment firm. I'm no crook). Plus, any freelance job that will fly you to DC for training is a good thing, right?  

Rhett has a tooth and is (almost) an official walker. He eats grapes by the pound and could talk to you for hours about bubbles. The child is obsessed. He's also learning to throw spectacular tantrums, which is super exciting and a good sign for the terrible twos (yeah right)

Also good= fall is coming. Bad news= summer is almost over. Which means no more magical summer evening dates like paddle boating. It was just like The Notebook but with paddles not oars and poop geese not swans. 

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