Monday, July 14, 2014

triumphs And tragedies

Rhett is the champ of his swim class! He was floating, stroking, and jumping after just one lesson. 

André killed a fly with his bare hands on the first try. This is a major accomplishment. 

I have exciting new freelance clients! And a fun creative summer project to unveil soon! So much excitement!

We're planning for our anniversary getaway and family reunion to Michigan and just getting so. dang. excited!

André may have saved the government $10 million with a work project. Somebody give that intern a raise!
Cafe Rio opens this weekend down the street! Obviously we will be first in line. 

Rhett and I have been on a serious exploration roll lately. We've discovered some serious Colorado gems. Even lakes! (They're hard to come by around here)

We've been killing it at the library recently. We're almost done reading The Mysterious Benedict Society as a couple and I just started The Happiness Project. Plus, summer reading programs. Woohoo!

And a triumph for technology as I write this on my phone whole holding a sick sleeping baby

Sick, teething baby. Woof. 

André stepped on a bee last week (2 summers in a row) and had a massively swollen foot. Thank goodness for Benadryl and loose shoes. 

Cooking experiments gone wrong lately: pasta salad (don't mess with a classic), teriyaki chicken, and soggy trifle. To say I have to redeem myself may be an understatement. 

Law school. Just so expensive. And figuring out residency petitions and loans and all that jazz just isn't our favorite thing. 

I guess life is pretty good when you run out if room for triumphs and have to stretch to think of tragedies. Yay summer!

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