Friday, July 18, 2014

practically famous 2.0

This is old news, I know, but it needs to be documented for posterity.

Remember in May how we were crazy and went to a taping of American Ninja Warrior in the middle of the night? Well it paid off, because we made it on TV! The episode aired weeks ago but I just got around to finding the screenshots to prove that yes, we really were there. It's a little like "Where's Waldo", but once you see us you can't un-see it. Enjoy!

Intense! and cold!
Happy! This is our big moment on national TV!
Ninja Warrior pro tip: They literally film in the middle of the night. We left at 5am and it was still going strong. It was also freezing, so you can tell how late it was by how empty the stands were and by how many hobos were filling in the gaps.
We'll have our people call your people.

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