Sunday, July 20, 2014

anything for a free meal

If you know André and I, you know we'll do just about anything for a good deal. So when we get the chance to eat for free, we're all over it.

Last week was Chic-Fil-A day. For some reason we've never taken advantage of this before, but we've decided it's now a tradition. We whipped up some quick cow costumes and each scored a free meal (even Rhett). Free waffle fries and delicious chicken? Of course!
We gave our headbands to some people as we were leaving to share the free chicken love
Rhett was more into his chicken nuggets than the cow. But the girl on the right? She loved the cow and followed him around the entire time we ate.
This weekend a Cafe Rio opened up close to us. Mormons love Cafe Rio (the place was crawling with BYU gear and modest shorts), and we're no exception. To celebrate they were giving away free meals, and I may have accidentally signed us up for 6 free meals. So we went on Thursday to try something new on the menu and brought friends with us on Friday to go with the classic (pork salad!). We love Cafe Rio, but now we're a little Cafe Rio-ed out. But who knew their horchata was so heavenly?
It's dangerous that this place is only 15 minutes away now.


  1. I totally missed "dress like a cow" day this year! Glad you guys enjoyed it. Rhett is a cute little cow!

  2. There are no chickfilas close to us! :(


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