Tuesday, June 10, 2014

to the Springs we go!

Before André starts his fancy internship next week, we decided to take full advantage of the family time. Ever since I saw pictures of Garden of the Gods, it's been at the top of my Colorado bucket list. And with the Olympic Training Center just a few miles away, it was set--to Colorado Springs we went!

Garden of the Gods was as magical as I imagined. We picnicked, we drove the loop, and we did a few hikes. Our favorite was definitely Siamese Twins with a gorgeous view of Pike's Peak through the rocks. And André carried Rhett the whole way like a champ...turns out that kid is quite the chunk.
From there we headed to the Olympic Training Center, where André and I could completely geek out. Seriously, the montage movie of Olympic moments at the beginning of the tour gave me chills (Meryl+Charlie 4eva). We got to see training facilities that have been graced by nearly all of the USA's best athletes. Michael Phelps, I see you! I was also irrationally starstruck when we saw John Orazco training in the gymnastics room, but whatever. Olympics are the best!
 After a (questionable) dinner out, we hit the road and were home in time for Rhett's bedtime. A successful day trip full of adventure and exploration!

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