Sunday, June 1, 2014

little moments: may

Our life was pretty simple in May. We enjoyed lots of family time and fabulous weather and just had the greatest time (most of the time). Some highlights:
 apparently Rhett isn't a fan of family selfies on fabulous late spring days
pasta baby...its the Italian roots
one hot Friday night date
cutest baby at the park...that flat brim kills me
 Rhett's new favorite spot, no joke
Rhett Kaiser, king of the play place!  
Behind the scenes at the Ninja Warrior filming
Mess maker mess maker, make me a mess
 Rhett's nightly ritual is putting his socks in his mouth...this kid is crazy
Cheesesteaks the size of a small child! Yum!
Thank you garage sales, for cheap baby toys
Chalk Festival
Babytime baby
Cousin time (once removed) with Avery 
People watching at the Bolder Boulder

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