Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rhett meets Washington

Rhett and I spent a heavenly week with my parents in Washington last week. André was grown up and had to stay and work, but Rhett and I got to play and I loved introducing him to all of my favorite Washington things. That kid is PNW natural.
 We went to Farrel McWirter Park so Rhett could see all the animals. He was obsessed, but now thinks every animal is a dog.
Rhett also got to experience all the glory of a Seattle summer with trips to the park (hello pine trees!), the lake, Rattlesnake Lake and the Farmer's Market
We saw so much family and Rhett finally got to meet his Great Grandma and Grandpa Treasure. They were smitten with each other, obviously. 

We loved taking a little break to hang out with my parents and just relax. Thanks for a great trip, Mom and Dad! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

to the Springs we go!

Before André starts his fancy internship next week, we decided to take full advantage of the family time. Ever since I saw pictures of Garden of the Gods, it's been at the top of my Colorado bucket list. And with the Olympic Training Center just a few miles away, it was set--to Colorado Springs we went!

Garden of the Gods was as magical as I imagined. We picnicked, we drove the loop, and we did a few hikes. Our favorite was definitely Siamese Twins with a gorgeous view of Pike's Peak through the rocks. And André carried Rhett the whole way like a champ...turns out that kid is quite the chunk.
From there we headed to the Olympic Training Center, where André and I could completely geek out. Seriously, the montage movie of Olympic moments at the beginning of the tour gave me chills (Meryl+Charlie 4eva). We got to see training facilities that have been graced by nearly all of the USA's best athletes. Michael Phelps, I see you! I was also irrationally starstruck when we saw John Orazco training in the gymnastics room, but whatever. Olympics are the best!
 After a (questionable) dinner out, we hit the road and were home in time for Rhett's bedtime. A successful day trip full of adventure and exploration!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

little moments: may

Our life was pretty simple in May. We enjoyed lots of family time and fabulous weather and just had the greatest time (most of the time). Some highlights:
 apparently Rhett isn't a fan of family selfies on fabulous late spring days
pasta baby...its the Italian roots
one hot Friday night date
cutest baby at the park...that flat brim kills me
 Rhett's new favorite spot, no joke
Rhett Kaiser, king of the play place!  
Behind the scenes at the Ninja Warrior filming
Mess maker mess maker, make me a mess
 Rhett's nightly ritual is putting his socks in his mouth...this kid is crazy
Cheesesteaks the size of a small child! Yum!
Thank you garage sales, for cheap baby toys
Chalk Festival
Babytime baby
Cousin time (once removed) with Avery 
People watching at the Bolder Boulder
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