Wednesday, May 21, 2014

book chat

Summertime is reading time. (hello, library reading program prizes!) I'm always on the lookout for new books to read and love it when I find something I can recommend to others. Here are a few of my recent reads, you know besides 10 Little Ladybugs and Peekaboo Baby. I'm always open for suggestions to add to my reading list! 

I read The Rent Collector for book club and just loved it. It's a fabulously uplifting story that takes you to another part of the world and is free of anything sketchy. win-win-win.
I finally caved and read a Nicholas Sparks book. Now I'm a real woman (jokes). But really. The Longest Ride was fine, but not a fave. And of course, it's becoming a movie, just like every other Nicholas Sparks book. And the poster looks just like every other Nicholas Sparks book/movie. go figure.

 I can't believe I made it through public school without reading The Giver, but André and I recently read it together to get ready for the movie. It was a quick read and I'm still convinced it's actually a huge gospel allegory. We've had the first companion novel checked out for weeks, but haven't gotten around to it yet (dang it, Netflix). Maybe someday.
I hoped on the bandwagon and read The Fault in Our Stars. It was pretty good. Did I cry? No. Will I drag André to see the movie? Obviously.

Next on the list:
Heaven is For Real
My Story: Elizabeth Smart
Gone Girl



  1. I just put the rent collector on hold! You might like Bringing up Bebe. I just skim read The Monuments Men and found it very interesting. I have checked out but haven't read yet Edenbrooke on the recommendation of a friend. I want to read I am Malala about a girl and the taliban. I also recently read Bread and Wine and enjoyed it. I have How will You Measure Your Life checked out and need to make time to read. Time seems to be at a premium these days! Love ya!
    Oh, one more I read a while back, The Graveyard Book. I actually don't remember much about it but I remember liking it. :)

    1. I read Bringing up Bebe when I was pregnant with Rhett and thought it was great. I'll definitely add the others to my list! I started I am Malala but couldn't get into it for some reason, and then it was due at the library. Let me know what you think of the Rent Collector

  2. Oh my gosh the Elizabeth Smart book is SO good-- but do NOT read it at night!!! It's scary. SO scary-- since it's real-- and being a mom just heightens it I think. But it's a great read.

  3. Elizabeth Smart's book is SO SO SO GOOD!

  4. i'm really into historical adventure right now, and the National Geographic has a list of 100 greatest adventure books, all about the people who conquered the world. they are preeeeetty fantastico! i just finished reading 'Wind, Sand, Stars" by Antoine Saint-Exupery (he also wrote the little prince) and it was so good.
    I also just finished the Divergent series, which is an easy read and entertaining as well.


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