Wednesday, May 28, 2014

bolder boulder

Andre grew up running the Bolder Boulder 10k every Memorial Day, so I've heard stories of the spectacle since our dating days. This year I got to see it for myself in all it's (strange, Boulder-esque) glory 
Neither Andre or Shane had much time to train, so they decided to dress up and just have fun. Rhett had to wear his Captain America shirt to fit in 
We dropped the runners off then cruised for free things before going to the stadium to watch them finish. (Real life: Rhett had a blow out as soon as we got there, so goodbye captain America)
Superman was triumphant! 

It was so great to see the thousands of runners finish, maybe I'll have to run it next year! (Ha, but maybe)

Side note: I'm posting this from my phone while holding a sleeping baby. I'm super tech savvy. 

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