Wednesday, May 28, 2014

bolder boulder

Andre grew up running the Bolder Boulder 10k every Memorial Day, so I've heard stories of the spectacle since our dating days. This year I got to see it for myself in all it's (strange, Boulder-esque) glory 
Neither Andre or Shane had much time to train, so they decided to dress up and just have fun. Rhett had to wear his Captain America shirt to fit in 
We dropped the runners off then cruised for free things before going to the stadium to watch them finish. (Real life: Rhett had a blow out as soon as we got there, so goodbye captain America)
Superman was triumphant! 

It was so great to see the thousands of runners finish, maybe I'll have to run it next year! (Ha, but maybe)

Side note: I'm posting this from my phone while holding a sleeping baby. I'm super tech savvy. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

book chat

Summertime is reading time. (hello, library reading program prizes!) I'm always on the lookout for new books to read and love it when I find something I can recommend to others. Here are a few of my recent reads, you know besides 10 Little Ladybugs and Peekaboo Baby. I'm always open for suggestions to add to my reading list! 

I read The Rent Collector for book club and just loved it. It's a fabulously uplifting story that takes you to another part of the world and is free of anything sketchy. win-win-win.
I finally caved and read a Nicholas Sparks book. Now I'm a real woman (jokes). But really. The Longest Ride was fine, but not a fave. And of course, it's becoming a movie, just like every other Nicholas Sparks book. And the poster looks just like every other Nicholas Sparks book/movie. go figure.

 I can't believe I made it through public school without reading The Giver, but André and I recently read it together to get ready for the movie. It was a quick read and I'm still convinced it's actually a huge gospel allegory. We've had the first companion novel checked out for weeks, but haven't gotten around to it yet (dang it, Netflix). Maybe someday.
I hoped on the bandwagon and read The Fault in Our Stars. It was pretty good. Did I cry? No. Will I drag André to see the movie? Obviously.

Next on the list:
Heaven is For Real
My Story: Elizabeth Smart
Gone Girl


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

just triumphs

instead of triumphs and tragedies, here are just a few of our recent triumphs

André finished his first year of law school! This is a major accomplishment, people. For those wondering, this is what a year's worth of law books, notes, and outlines looks like (plus one very happy soon-to-be-2L)
 We got to spend lots of time with André. Rhett has loved having his dad around so much. We've gone on lots of adventures, but one of our favorites was to the children's museum where Rhett was in baby heaven.

André turned 25! We celebrated with a week's worth of birthday freebies, delicious food, and a fun birthday BBQ and date.

I celebrated my first official Mother's Day the day after André's birthday. At midnight we made the big switch of who got to have the relaxing day. André wrote me a sweet poem and Rhett let me take a nap after church, so I'd say it was an overall good day.

We were crazy and went to a 1am filming of American Ninja Warrior in Denver. We decided we would never have a time where we could go except for now, so we went for it and it was super fun. Look for us on TV sometime soon!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

little moments: april

is april really over already? this year is flying by. Here's what we've been up to...
 sleeping boy
oh, those beautiful mountains
oh you know, just in a field of hot air balloon murals
whatever it takes to play the piano...we're in trouble
 cute baby fun
cute dad and baby fun
an impromptu salsa canning domestic
buddies at play
 but really, those beautiful mountains
whatever it takes to get a book...we're really in trouble
chautaqua picnic nights
that face. it gets me everytime
cute boy ready for adventure
mother's lounge selfies, of course
a beautiful day at the botanical gardens
this boy was made for springtime at the park
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