Thursday, April 24, 2014

the Easter times

Easter is just one of the best holidays, and even better when you have a baby. Sure, Rhett had no idea what was going on and his eggs were full of baby puffs and yogurt drops, but we still had a good time.
 For some reason, I was determined for Rhett to meet the Easter bunny as many times as possible. We made a special trip to Safeway (don't judge) to meet this extra creepy bunny. Clearly Rhett was thrilled.
 We did the basket and backyard egg hunt on Saturday morning. Rhett walked to pick up 1 egg, then was happy. He took a little convincing to find more eggs.
 We also went to the community egg hunt. Sure, Rhett can't walk or eat candy and it was a madhouse of parents and toddlers, but he came away with some eggs, candy (for the parents) and a balloon, so he was a pretty happy guy.
 We managed to get a family picture in our Easter clothes before church, which was a crazy race of playing the piano for the choir, subbing for primary, and wrangling a baby.
Then after a delicious dinner, we stuck Rhett in an Easter basket. Because that's apparently what we do.

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