Thursday, April 24, 2014

the Easter times

Easter is just one of the best holidays, and even better when you have a baby. Sure, Rhett had no idea what was going on and his eggs were full of baby puffs and yogurt drops, but we still had a good time.
 For some reason, I was determined for Rhett to meet the Easter bunny as many times as possible. We made a special trip to Safeway (don't judge) to meet this extra creepy bunny. Clearly Rhett was thrilled.
 We did the basket and backyard egg hunt on Saturday morning. Rhett walked to pick up 1 egg, then was happy. He took a little convincing to find more eggs.
 We also went to the community egg hunt. Sure, Rhett can't walk or eat candy and it was a madhouse of parents and toddlers, but he came away with some eggs, candy (for the parents) and a balloon, so he was a pretty happy guy.
 We managed to get a family picture in our Easter clothes before church, which was a crazy race of playing the piano for the choir, subbing for primary, and wrangling a baby.
Then after a delicious dinner, we stuck Rhett in an Easter basket. Because that's apparently what we do.

Monday, April 14, 2014

a little of this and that...

this weekend was full of a little bit of...
 André real-life lawyering at the court house
ice cream treat eating
long walking

friday evening playing some basketball (Rhett is the best cheerleader)
cheap BBQ finding

Easter Bunny meeting

Mom and baby outside reading
baking and piano playing

no pants wearing

pretty good all around

Sunday, April 6, 2014

little letters

Dear Mariners,
You are killing it this season. Sure, it's only been a week but I'll take first place whenever I can get it. Keep it up, boys

Dear Rockies,
I'm trying to be a good Coloradan and root for you, I really am. But the losing and the purple uniforms are making it kind of difficult. I'm hoping taking in a game in person soon will turn that all around.

Dear parents,
Why oh why isn't there a little Latin blood in me? It really would make all the hip-shaking and body-rolling in Zumba just a little easier.

Dear Olive Garden breadsticks,
You are the best. Also the worst (for my hips). I'm sorry I left my to-go bag of leftovers on the table when we left. I'm still mourning the loss of your next day delicious-ness

Dear teething baby,
Woof. Growing teeth must be hard. I feel for you, kid.

Dear bucket list,
Cross off "get on the jumbotron at a major sporting event". Thanks for the memories, Nuggets!

Dear General Conference,
You were a much needed boost of inspiration this weekend. And being able to spend lots of time with my husband doesn't hurt, either. It's moments like these that make my heart happy.

Not everyone can look as good as Rhett on Conference morning...excuse our hair
Caught these two in a cute moment together

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

little moments--march

another round of cute pictures of Rhett...
Rhett snags some wrapping paper...destruction
Zuchinni bread fest 2014
Vain baby's favorite aisle 
Rhett helped me get some dress ups for activity days

Turns out Cheerios aren't the greatest
Bunny baby!
Rhett's Colorado hat was a huge hit at the St. Patrick's Day festival
Smug baby on St. Paddy's Day

Somebody scored a new swing in the backyard. Total exuberance
Life lesson: maybe flatbrim hats aren't for white girls. But we had to show some Nuggets pride at the game
Rhett helps with the laundry
Shamrock Shakes! It's the best time of the year!
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