Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

+ the Olympics, all day every day. One of my favorite parts about the winter games is critiquing the outfits. US snowboard outfits? snooze. Russian figure skating costumes? creepy. US figure skating dresses? spot on. Norwegian speed skating orange? yes please.

+ so far the winner of the favorite Olympian award are Meryle and Charlie of course. Because they are the greatest and the only reason people actually care about ice dancing.

+ My birthday last week marked my official move into my "mid-twenties". oh boy. Naturally we celebrated with lots of delicious food, the Olympics, and the most perfect baby-free dinner out with my dear husband.
Glazed eyes after eating allll the food. 

+ Sleep training. Woof. Here's hoping Rhett gets it soon and can pull together some decent naps.

+ The best part about winter in Colorado is the near constant sunshine. The worst part about winter in Colorado is the constant dryness that is attacking my cracking fingertips.

+ One of my freelance projects has me searching stock photos to match my articles. There are some serious gems in there. These poor models:

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