Monday, February 3, 2014

Little Moments: January

We spent the month enjoying a great vacation, getting back into the groove, and celebrating some sunny winter weather. Here are some highlights:

 Rhett and Nana bonding
Reliving my high school experience with a Blazing Bagels trip
Reminiscing about our wedding at the Seattle Temple
A recliner made for 3
 Rhett strengthens his core
An overcast day at the driving range
Hello Colorado
Rhett tries peas for the first time
 Wrapped up in our blanket fort
André the pretzel making champion
Daddy the jungle gym
Rhett isn't sure what to do while I'm blowdrying my hair
 He sits!
Prairie dog hunting
Chunky baby legs...wearing shorts in January?
A little batting practice on a sunny day
Moose bonding
Saturday those sunny days!
Rhett and André have a new trick
Sunday selfies

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