Friday, February 28, 2014

Little Moments: February

upon review, this should really be called "Rhett's Adventures in February". Apparently I don't take enough pictures of the non-Rhett parts of our life. But let's be honest, law school and freelancing don't create the best photo opps...

 cute boy in a weird hat
I sent this picture to André and he replied with "The destruction begins". Oh how right he was
Heart shaped pizza for Valentine's Day
We've been experimenting with sensory bags. Rhett liked this one full of conditioner and I loved the smell.
 Sly baby eating bananas
A little birthday relaxation moment enjoying free hot chocolate, the newspaper, and a comfy chair by the fireplace, sans baby. It's the little things.
Sly baby with socks on his ears.
Rhett's new trick is sticking out his tongue, but he stops as soon as I try to take a picture. This is as good as I could get.
 Sunday selfie. It's what we do.
Nature Valley's newest baby model. He would only sleep if he was holding the granola bar.
He sits in shopping carts now and it's his favorite thing evvvver.
Found a balloon at church!
The only thing Rhett doesn't like to eat is avocados
I was in charge of picking up the balloons for a ward party, so naturally I roped André in for a photo sesh.
Rhett wasn't too sure about the balloons.
Jaunty baby in a scarf


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